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This was the beginning of the Miniemenklooster in Leuven. The Order of the Minims, founded by Francis of Paola (1416-1507), is a mendicant order. In the second half of the 17th century, the Minims built a new monastery building (the current H block) and gave the Gothic chapel a Baroque update. Then the French Revolution hit and in 1796, the monastery was closed and sold to the notary Jean

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20121020 Miniemen Leuven-Kibubu Show more 56 photos · 180 views. rugbyclubleuven By: rugbyclubleuven. U15-121020-Leuven-Kibubu-5 by rugbyclubleuven U15-121020-Leuven-Kibubu-18 by rugbyclubleuven 1 U15-121020-Leuven-Kibubu-20 by rugbyclubleuven U15-121020-Leuven-Kibubu-23 by rugbyclubleuven 1 U15-121020-Leuven-Kibubu-26 by rugbyclubleuven 1 U15-121020-Leuven-Kibubu-28 by rugbyclubleuven 1 U15

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Leuven pupils begin international comic adventure

The EU-funded initiative Strip to Identity sees pupils in Leuven collaborating with contemporaries around Europe to produce comics that explain fundamental characteristics of their regions . Culture through comics. Through the medium of comics, which happens to be a Flemish speciality, the secondary school at the Miniemen Institute in Leuven is encouraging its students to look beyond the

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Derde plaats op internationaal toernooi in Athene!

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20130928 Miniemen Leuven-BUC 43 photos · 136 views 20130831 Dag van de Hoop U15-U17 45 photos · 122 views 20130921 Miniemen Kibubu-Leuven 72 photos · 216 views 20130518 Benjamins Calidfontain 50 photos · 176 views 20130518 Miniemen Calidfontain 95 photos · 229 views 20130427 Miniemen Leuven-XV Picard - Promotie 134 photos · 297 views 20130406 Miniemen Provinciaal Kampioenschap Schilde 67

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20140301 Miniemen Gent - RCL Show more 58 photos · 238 views. rugbyclubleuven By: rugbyclubleuven. 20140301-U15-140301-Gent-Leuven-2 by rugbyclubleuven 20140301-U15-140301-Gent-Leuven-3 by rugbyclubleuven 20140301-U15-140301-Gent-Leuven-4 by rugbyclubleuven 20140301-U15-140301-Gent-Leuven-6 by rugbyclubleuven 20140301-U15-140301-Gent-Leuven-7 by rugbyclubleuven 1 20140301-U15-140301-Gent

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de match werd gespeeld op het Tornooi van Falco Gent en werd gewonnen door de miniemen van Antwerp Giants